TIPS: How to Save on Rental Fees While In Singapore


For OFWs working in Singapore, finding an ideal place where to stay can be one of those concerns that should be closely looked into.  As rental may be high or the environment may not be safe, it is best that certain factors are considered before making a final decision.

As living alone may give you the privacy that you need, in Singapore you may also be thought of living with a friend or a relative so rental expenses can be minimized since renting can be financially draining.

Here are 5 wise ideas that can help you save on rent while staying in Singapore:

  1. Negotiate with your landlord whenever your rental contract is about to end.

Remember, during your first time to rent, you negotiate with your landlord about conditions and the rate of the place that you will occupy. For others who prefer to have the contract on a yearly basis, make sure to negotiate with your landlord should you opt to stay renting the same.

You may also ask your landlord if you can be provided with a discount since you will be staying especially if you had been a good payer and a responsible tenant. It wouldn’t be hard for a landlord to give a favor to someone like you.


  1. If staying in the same place won’t be possible, scout for a new place to rent before your contract ends.

When negotiation with your previous landlord didn’t work, look for another place in the area. There can be nearby apartments which you can transfer on. This can help you save money as you move into another place as you will no longer need a trucking service to transfer your things. It will be more practical since you’re just in the same neighborhood.


  1. Look for Housemates.

In Singapore, living with housemates can help you cut your expenses on rental fees as there are only a few budget-friendly studios and single bedroom apartments available in the place where most do not get vacant at all.

Having housemates means smaller fees to pay as you divide among yourselves the total cost of the rental.  This may also mean finding security as there will be someone that could be left to look after your place and things when you leave or convenience as you share some household chores.

Just stay with the best people that you can think of whom you can trust.



  1. Find a place where you can cook your own food.


Though it’s hard in Singapore to find a place where the landlord permits tenants to cook, try to negotiate with your landlord to allow you cook your own food.  This can help you save money.


It would be very costly to dine in restaurants for every meal and for sure, you’ll end spending more on your food rather than on your place.


  1. If you can rent a house, lease the excess rooms and generate income from it.


There are some houses in Singapore that are for rent whose landlord permits the tenant to sub-lease the other unoccupied rooms to other tenants.


However, this may be a little risky as it’s like welcoming your doors to people whom you do not know and your safety and security may be put at risk.  But then, if you have friends whom you can share the other rooms with, this may be of big help to your finances.


Living abroad means adjusting and adapting to its environment, its people and its culture.

May you find these tips helpful.