2-Day Training Pushed as Requirement to Prepare Domestic Helpers for Singapore


Being familiar with Singapore’s work culture would be a good tool to foreign domestic helpers to easily adapt to its environment while working in the country.  Helpers then should learn not only how to effectively communicate with their employers but should also acquire basic skills such as preparing healthy dishes and using their public transportation facility.

Thanks to FAST! 

In July, the Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Support and Training (FAST) introduced their On Boarding and Integration Program (OIP) to familiarize helpers with important safety precautions and the existing work culture in Singapore.

The said program aims to increase the possibility of retaining helpers in Singaporean families through the use of good communication skills and preparation of healthy dishes and the use of public transportation.

According to Best Home, an employment agency in Singapore, 80% of their agents who underwent OIP had been retained with the same employers since their first job landing in Singapore.

Recently, FAST is coordinating with Myanmar and Philippine labor agencies to include OIP on the required trainings of maids from their respective countries.

The OIP will impart the one-day settling-in program (SIP) as required by the Ministry of Manpower and will touch on topics such as: safety at work, working relationship, stress management and the basics of living in Singapore.

Thus, Mr. William Chew, the executive director of FAST claims that foreign domestic helpers will definitely benefit from the said training provided by their home countries since they get prepared for actual work in Singapore. via Singapore

Source: kwentongofw.com