Tesco Christmas advert featuring Muslim family stirs Twitter anger (VIDEO)

Tis’ almost the season to be jolly. But UK grocery giant Tesco is facing an angry online backlash for their new Christmas advert because it features a Muslim family.

Part of a festive campaign to raise money for charity, the “Turkey, Every Which Way” advert is aimed at promoting inclusion during the holiday period. It shows a number of British families as they prepare for the not always straight-forward task of cooking a traditional Christmas dinner.

“We want our customers to know that however they choose to do Christmas, and no matter what they need, we can help – everyone’s welcome at Tesco,” the company’s CEO Alessandra Bellini said at the advert’s release last week.

But the message appears to have gone over the heads of some people, with a flurry of angry online comments aimed at the supermarket chain.

For some, it seems that Muslim people featuring in a Christmas advert just isn’t a realistic enough depiction of a holiday that also sees a large, bearded man from the North Pole deliver presents to every good child in the world.

Hey, Tesco. .. I don’t mind ONE BIT about your Xmas ads featuring Muslims wearing headscarves. …. I’m looking forward to your Eid ads. .. Featuring Christians – wearing crucifixes.

– Heather McDougall (@heatherm999) November 10, 2017

I would prefer a more traditional Christmas advert. But Tesco does do a lot for local and nationwide charities.

– mark (@m_harris2010) November 8, 2017

#Tesco I object strongly to your anti- Christian Xmas advert how dare you politicise our festival in order to appease lefty political correctness. You have lost me as a customer now, you should rethink your advertising campaign, British people still live here. #MerryChristmas

– DunxGreener ن 🔱🇬🇧 (@DunxGreener) November 11, 2017

I’m so offended by @Tesco Christmas advert showing contempt for Christianity I’m no longer shopping there. I’m cutting up my points card too!

– Sue McDonald (@suemcdonald342) November 10, 2017

But not everyone is opposed to Tesco’s nuanced take on Christmas. Others praised the retailer and hit out at those complaining about the inclusion of Muslims.

Well done Tesco! Its about time Christmas adverts were more inclusive. Who could possibly object to that?

– Fighting Hate (@MaryBunford) November 7, 2017

If you’re offended by the Tesco Christmas advert then PLEASE boycott the stores so I don’t have to see your racist faces when I’m choosing my Brussels sprouts.

– Sofie (@Sofie_PS) November 11, 2017

To the mugs offended by the #tescochristmasadvert how are you angry that a Asian family was in it? I doubt all you white people are even devote Christians to be celebrating Xmas. And Christmas is hardly a exclusively religious Holiday anymore, it has national and cultural ties pic.twitter.com/wPAGtiXQQ5

– -H (@Litnamjoonie) November 10, 2017

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