Robbers Fail to Rob Hawker in Johor, Flee with BBQ Pork Instead


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Hawker stalls generally start preparing for the day’s business super early and this vendor was no different. The vendor who sells barbecue pork had already started prepping for the day at around 4am in the morning and was taking out his ingredients when he was unceremoniously robbed of his barbecue pork. Lol, whut.

Robbers Fail to Rob M'sian Hawker, Flees with BBQ Pork Instead - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Sinchew

According to Sinchew, the hawker surnamed Li had a stall in one of the coffee shops in Yong Peng, Johor and as usual, he had woken up in the wee hours of the morning to go to his stall. He said that he had the habit of arriving at the stall at about 4am every day, even though the coffee shop was not opened yet. 

He would prepare his food to be cooked and served to his customers later with one of it being some yummy barbecue pork. However, on November 12, when he was all alone at his stall, two cars suddenly drove up to the coffee shop and two men jumped down from the vehicles.

One of them was holding a machete and these two men approached Li as they attempted to rob him. As the day’s business had not started yet, there was not much valuables on Li so they did not manage to take anything from him. They searched around the stall but decided that it was a lost cause and thus tried to escape.

Robbers Fail to Rob M'sian Hawker, Flees with BBQ Pork Instead - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Sinchew

However, as they were probably unsatisfied that they did not manage to rob anything, just before they left, one of them snatched Li’s carefully prepared barbecue pork and fled. Either they were really hungry or perhaps the barbecue pork looked too tempting!

Luckily for Li, he said he was uninjured during the robbery, which only lasted a few minutes and the only loss he suffered was from the barbecue pork that cost less than RM100. You will be missed, you delicious barbecue pork!

That was certainly a rather unusual robbery with a rather unlikely victim!

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