Check Out the Hot, New Cast for the Taiwanese Hit Drama ‘Meteor Garden’ Remake


Asian drama fans would definitely love this!

Today, many people are going ga-ga over popular Korean dramas that are slowly taking over the world. But before the Korean Drama hype even started, many drama-lovers first fell in love with the Taiwanese hit drama “Meteor Garden”.

Fans would buy posters of the ‘Meteor Garden’ stars Ken Chu, Vanness Wu, Jerry Yan, Barbie Xu, and Vic Zhou, and put them up in their homes. Some even went as far as downloading their episodes for rewatching.

“Meteor Garden” is a story about a poor but hard working girl named San Cai (Barbie Hsu), who is initially drawn to Hua Ze Lei (Vic Zhou), member of the popular and feared F4 group in their school. Eventually, however, F4 leader and rich kid Dao Ming Si (Jerry Yan) pursues her, making her fall in love with him.

If you’ve missed the show, or if you miss watching the romantic drama, worry not. Sixteen years after the hit drama was aired, a new reboot is soon to be released, with a hot and new cast to make you fall in love with the drama all over again.

Chinese newbie actress Shen Yue, 20, is starring as strong-willed student Shancai, originally played by Barbie Hsu. The F4 hunks will be made up of Taipei native Darren Chen playing Huazelei), as well as Chinese actors Dylan Wang (Daoming Si), Connor Leong (Meizuo), and Caesar Wu (Ximen). The four actors are all 21 years old and stand at an average height of 1.85 metres.

Excited for Meteor Garden’s reboot? Stay tuned!

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