Wife Divorces Husband Because He Won’t Allow Her To Do Household Chores


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You may have heard of couples divorcing over many petty things but this pair of newlyweds in Egypt has one of the most bizarre reasons. Apparently the couple had only been married for two weeks but the wife is seeking for a divorce because she complains that her husband is “acting like a housewife”. 

What’s wrong with being a house husband? 

Wife Divorces Husband Because He Won't Allow Her To Do Household Chores - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Daily Mail

According to Al-arabiya, the 28-year-old bride, Samar M. has headed to the family courts in New Cairo to request for a divorce because her 31-year-old husband, Mohammad S. wouldn’t allow her to do any household chores. Certainly sounds like a dream come true! 

Well, not for Samar, because she says that she feels stifled at the home she shares with her husband as there is no freedom and she feels like a guest.

She said, “He is the ‘woman of the house’ and I’m hating my life with him. We’ve been only married for two weeks, and he is either cooking or doing the laundry because he knows how to sort the washable clothes by colour. He then irons the clothes, sweeps, and arranges the food in the fridge. He would prepare a meal overnight if needed so that he does not spend much time on it the next day.”

Wife Divorces Husband Because He Won't Allow Her To Do Household Chores - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: ABC7 News

The unemployed woman said that her husband spends most of his free time at home doing chores as he owns a clothing store and has several employees looking after the place. When Mohammad is not cooking or cleaning, he likes to rearrange the furniture in the house but does it all by himself. 

How ‘selfish’ of him! 

Samar said, “I sit down watching him all day while he moves stuff around looking very happy. He controls everything in our house, and I have no say in anything, not even where he puts the TV set.”

This has enraged her so much she told the court that she could no longer stand to live with him. Uh-oh! When she couldn’t take it anymore, Samar complained to her mother-in-law, who couldn’t believe it as her son had never lifted a finger to help with the household chores previously. Well, he certainly has changed! 

Wife Divorces Husband Because He Won't Allow Her To Do Household Chores - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Crainlewis

Finally, Samar confronted her husband and said,

“I explained that we each must have our own role in the house. He responded saying that if I wanted to live in ‘his house,’ I had to follow his rules. A heated argument then ensued between us, and I later decided to leave him.”

The case was hotly debated on social media with some of them supporting the husband while others supported the wife. Those on the husband’s side said, “I hope you marry someone who doesn’t help you with any chores” and “I wish all men were like him… isn’t that better than having to do everything all by yourself while your husband does nothing?”.

Wife Divorces Husband Because He Won't Allow Her To Do Household Chores - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: Today

Meanwhile, some of them defended the wife and said, “Balance is the key in everything,” while there were also people who raised concerns about his behaviour and speculated that there might be other causes.

The court is currently looking into this issue before taking any action.

What do you think of this? Is it necessary to abide by gender roles set by society that are deemed a ‘norm’?

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