Andy Dick Fired Over Harassment Claims


There is a landslide of sexual harassment charges being alleged against Hollywood stars, mostly men, who have been accused of abuses of power. The latest case is Andy Dick.

Part of Dick’s comedic routine has been his outrageous behavior that crosses the cultural norms of what is acceptable. On camera some of his antics are hilarious. The problem with Dick’s behavior is that it is not limited to on-camera comedic performances. He continues his inappropriate behavior on the set, where virtually anyone, whether they are actors or part of the film crew, male or female, can be his next victim.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Dick got fired from his supporting actor role in an independent film entitled Raising Buchanan. Two sources from the film production claim that Dick groped people’s genitals, kissed the people on the set, and then licked them in ways that were unwanted. It is alleged that he made sexual propositions to at least four people working on the film.

Via National Enquirer

Dick says he never groped anybody on the set; however, he might have kissed someone on the cheek goodbye and then licked them because that is his “thing.” Dick says that they should have expected this kind of behavior from him because he says that “his middle name is misconduct.” Dick says that because the climate has changed now, he does not grope anyone or expose his genitals in public like he used to do.


Dick—who has been in and out of rehab more than ten times—always had a “bad boy” reputation. People on the set of the Raising Buchanan film claim that he was intoxicated. Dick’s problems on the film started from the first moment. He showed up late for his first day of shooting, he did not remember his lines, and he had a male friend with him that fell asleep and started snoring during the film takes.

When asked if he propositioned anyone on the film set, he readily admitted doing it. He said that of course, he would proposition people because he is “young, lonely, depressed, and looking for a date.” Someone should point out to the actor that being 51 years old is not really “young.”

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Dick readily admits that he has no idea what is appropriate behavior. He is making a documentary called Everybody Has an Andy Dick Story that shows his shenanigans over the years. He says if these allegations continue, he will probably have to retire. Maybe it is time for Dick to grow up.


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