Netizen Seeks Online Help for Physically Abused Child He Met on the Way to Work


The child didn’t want to go home, and claimed that he has been physically abused by his grandfather and uncle.

Children tend to change according to how their parents raise them. There are parents who continuously hit their kids, and this molds the children into something else. Recent research on youth violence states that living in unsafe or violent neighborhoods can cause aggressive behavior in children.

Being exposed to physical violence at home, as with domestic abuse, also increases the risk of children becoming violent or aggressive. The first reaction of many abused children would be to run away from home, hoping to never return again.

This was how a young boy felt when netizen Cyrel Delfin Lago saw him in the streets one night as he was on his way to work. He first noticed the young boy sitting alone in one corner, with a distressed look on his face. But after he came from work and was about to head home, he was surprised to see the boy still in the same spot.

Thinking the boy might be hungry, Lago offered a piece of bread and coffee, which the child gladly accepted.

Lago asked the young boy to write down his name, which was Rolando Q. Pizarras, Jr. when asked where he lived, the boy said he didn’t want to go home as he suffered abuse from his grandfather and uncle.

Apparently, her mother was currently working in Kuwait while his father was working in Butuan.


Lago decided to share the boy’s photo and story on social media, where he hopes somebody would reach out their hands and save the boy from his abusive family.

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