Cash Me Outside Girl’s 90 Year Old Grandmother Reads Rap Lyrics


Bhad Bhabie, also know as Danielle Bregoli, also known as the Cash Me Outside Girl, released a new video on YouTube. But rather than dropping a new single, she actually got her mom to recite some of her lyrics, and the internet hasn’t taken to it all that kindly.

The video begins with Bregoli’s standard greeting of “Hey b*tches,” before going on to describe the crux of the video, that is, her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all speaking the lyrics to several of Bregoli’s songs. And if you know anything about Bhad Bhabie’s musical influences you can guess what those lyrics might entail.

Momma Bregoli begins by reciting Bhad Bhabie’s latest single, “Hi B*ch”, and looking awfully uncomfortable while she’s at it.

“Bhad Bhabie all up in this b*tch, your artists scared of my brand,” she begins, eyes fleeting to the camera with a look of concern. “Suck my d*** that’s all that I’m saying, all these artists hating online like it’s me that’s stopping their shine.”


Eventually, mom gets to the lyric “I call it quits on the xans, it had be too slow on my hands” before she breaks down into laughter, unable to keep it together.

Bhad Bhabie

via Bhad Bhabie on YouTube

That’s when Bhabie decides to prank mom, and rather than having her recite one of her own songs (which are already fairly explicit) she finds the most lyrically repugnant song she can and has her mom say them for the camera.

The song chosen was “Becky” by Plies, and as you’d expect, it’s mostly cursing for half a minute. We only hear the “bleep” of the sensor during that time until mom turns to Bhad Bhabie and says, “Are you f*****’ serious?” At which point the cat is out of the bag as Bregoli laughs.

Dan, the video manager, comes off-screen and explains, “This is probably the filthiest song we could think of.” Mom doesn’t seem very appreciative.

Next up is the grandma as she sings the lyrics to “Hi B*ch” on Facetime. She gets only a few words in before the camera cuts to great grandma Bregoli (aged 96) as she launches into a spoken-word rendition of Bhabie’s first single, “These Heaux”. She certainly seemed to understand the lyrics as she reacted with feigned outrage for having to read them.

The video has nearly 1.4 million views already.

Bregoli’s latest music video, “Hi B*ch / Whachu Know” has over 37 million views. Just in case you were wondering what good taste looks like these days.


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