Photos of a Beautiful and Sexy Filipina Cop is Going Viral and Netizens are Praising Her


Who says you can’t be pretty and tough at the same time?

Getting caught by police while speeding, or making minor unlawful mistakes can be annoying and burdensome at times. But can you imagine a beautiful woman asking you to pull over? Can you believe that hot female cops exist, and not only in movies? After all, that sexy cop Halloween costume had to come from somewhere, right? That costume is based on reality and beautiful cops like this woman really exist!

Meet PO1 Tin Casaysayan, a female cop in the Philippines who became famous overnight after her photos went viral on social media. Her photos were first shared on Facebook page “Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa Supporters”, and was soon spread by amazed netizens.

Based on her photos on her Instagram (as linked on her Facebook account), she loves outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and trekking. Check her photos below:

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