Bella Thorne Drops Terrible Song About Salad


Bella Thorne has dropped a new single that sounds questionable.

While it’s certainly not what she’s best known for (that would definitely be her crazy outfits), Bella Thorne is also an accomplished singer. But her most recent single is probably not going to convince you of this. Or anyone, really.

Thorne teamed up with Israeli dubstep producer DJ Borgore (real name Asaf Borger) for her latest song called “Salad Dressing”. We’re not sure whether or not it’s a euphemism for something else but given the sound of it, we’re going to go with a “yes” on that one.

The lyrics begin with Bella’s voice dialed way down and talk-singing the lyrics, “I don’t know if you mind, but would you like the sauce in the salad or the sauce on the side?” Bella then responds, “I don’t care, you can put it anywhere.” Bella seems pretty indifferent to the placement of her salad dressing, something that we’re all very passionate about.


Maybe Thorne is just into that sort of music, or maybe she’s trolling her fans. One YouTube user commented, “I love Bella… but this sucks,” while a Reddit user wrote, “The song is awful please save your ears.”

Another Reddit user summed the song up perfectly: “It’s 2010 dubstep f*ccboi music.” Yup.

While Thorne’s solo work seems to be languishing, thankfully her collaborations are picking up the slack. She recently teamed up with Prince Fox (Sam Lassner) for his song “Just Call”. Thorne sings the duet and also appears in the music video which just came out over the summer.

Bella Thorne Just call


It’s a great video. While the song plays the entire scene goes in reverse. Bella and Fox play a relationship on the ropes, going from the final realization that their love is over to the tumultuous way each deal with the heartbreak—which often is quite literal as Bella smashes all of Fox’s stuff.

Bella also shared a very interesting origin story for the song on her Snapchat. “Sam and I met at a party and he was like, yo, I wrote this song and it’s amazing, I want you to be on it,” Thorne wrote. “I said, ‘I want to do a duet because you’re a way better singer than me,’ and he was like, ‘Sure.’”

You can check out the video here and decide for yourself which of them is the better singer.


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