These ‘The Snowman’ memes parody the film’s really bad promotional poster


The posters for The Snowman, a real film in theaters right now, seem like they were designed as an internet prank. The font looks like something that a neighbor would scribble in a passive-aggressive note, and it’s accompanied by an image of a very sad-looking snowman. Just look at these posters:

Yes, these posters are advertising a thriller movie about a serial killer. It’s not a parody. Yet instead of convincing people to see an apparently scary movie, the unintentionally hilarious posters became a meme.

Several people have already dressed up as the The Snowman stick figure for Halloween.

The funniest part about this story? The minimalist illustration of the snowman in the posters actually looks like the one in the film. The dour-looking snowman is still more funny than scary.

But here’s the real kicker: The note isn’t even in the film!

Everything is a lie.

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