The ‘Rich Kids of Tirana’ Flaunt Their Cash, Luxury Cars, and Watches worth Millions Online


Have you seen a table made of cash?

Have you ever seen people in social media and wish to trade lives with them? This is how many users are feeling after witnessing the lavish lifestyle of the ‘rich kids of Tirana’ on Instagram. Who are they exactly? Apparently, they are the children of the rich and privileged Albanian business class.

The insanely spoiled brats have found creative ways to show off their envy-inducing wealth by sharing their photos on Instagram—and they’re obviously not holding back. Some were seen posing with their extremely expensive jewelry and cash.

While the most popular would be posing alongside, or inside their luxury cars, that have been personalized with equally expensive design.

The Rich Kids of Tirana Instagram account currently has 16,000 followers, and the tagline reads: “We follow the richest”.

But these aren’t the first youngsters to turn the internet green with envy. Earlier this month, we reported on the Rich Kids of Greece who share snaps of their endless party lifestyle.

And, the ‘Rich Kids of YouTube’ brag about their wealth with £19million private jets, £5,000 bracelets and even cutting up a £4, 500 Chanel bag.

Who’s next?


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