Teen Stops Studying Just to Care for Blind Grandma, JPN Wants Him to Return to School


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It is a very Asian thing for the younger generation to take care of the older generation. More often than not, the younger ones tend to sacrifice a lot just to take care of our elders.

One such person is Syawal Mukhriz Razak, 14, who refuses to go to school because he needs to take care of his blind grandmother.

Malaysian Teen Refuses to Go to School to Take Care of Blind Grandmother - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

After all, it was 67-year-old Azilah Walad who took care of Syawal since he was an infant. Unfortunately, the elderly lady met with a terrible accident which caused her to lose her eyesight 10 years ago.

That was when Syawal started to look after his beloved grandma in return. Due to the tragic accident, Azilah also lost her source of income as she used to sell kuih for a living.

Now, their house has not been kept well and the kitchen is in a messy state, Siakap Keli reported.

The ex-Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Alor Merah form 2 student also dropped out of school on August 20, 2017 because he skipped classes on too many counts.

Malaysian Teen Refuses to Go to School to Take Care of Blind Grandmother - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

His expulsion was in accordance to the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri’s (JPN) guidelines where warning letters will be issued three times prior to expelling.

The Kedah JPN officer, Abdullah Abdul Manaf told the press,

“The first warning letter was issued on March 3, 2017 followed by the second letter on May 11. Lastly, the third warning letter was sent on July 14, however we did not receive any answers from him.

“It was only after the three warnings that the expulsion letter was issued on August 20. However, we still hope that the student will return to school.

“In fact, JPN director, Datuk Azuyah Hassan wants me to coax him into coming back to school.”

Abdullah made it clear that JPN truly wants Syawal to return to school as they do not want him to be left out in his studies. The government body is even ready to help arrange for his return to school.

Malaysian Teen Refuses to Go to School to Take Care of Blind Grandmother - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Siakap Keli

Prior to being expelled, Syawal received pocket money from the education department.

“He used to get aid from the Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pelakar Miskin (KWAPM) last year.”

Abdullah and his team will soon pay Syawal and his grandmother a visit to assess their situation.

Hopefully things turn out well for both Syawal and his grandma! 

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