Man Successfully Mails Himself from UK to the United States in a Crazy Challenge


This is the third time he mails himself.

Is it possible to mail yourself from one place to another? Everything is technically possible, but it can be deadly. On average, about a 40–50 people die worldwide trying to “ship” themselves to a destination.

Mailing yourself can be incredibly tricky and dangerous. First off, you can die while travelling due to a lot of things. You can die from suffocation: your box can be places in between several boxes, blocking and airway you have punched in or created.

When shipping yourself in via air (though we don’t recommend you do), you need oxygen, water, food, and warm clothes. But having enough food and water is never an assurance that your will successfully reach your destination. The number one thing you have to keep in mind is that you should NEVER get caught.

This guy tried shipping himself (with the help of his parents) via land and water. Though his first two tries were barely successful, he tries one more time via air. Would he be as successful as his first two tries, or is it time to stop this challenge?

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