Drunk Man Who Hid and Slept under a Woman’s Bed Almost Gets Hacked to Death


The woman thought he was a ‘ghost’ and screamed at the top of her lungs, alerting her father who was at home at the time.

During Halloween season (or any time of the year for that matter), the scariest experience one person could ever encounter would be finding a ghost—or worse—a human hiding underneath the bed. 30-year-old Rose Ann Flor from Valenzuela City, Philippines, was shocked when she found a man sleeping underneath her bed—and it was no ghost.

Rose Ann claimed to have heard snoring sounds under her bed after she took a shower. Scared that it might be a ghost, Rose Ann was about to brush the sounds off and sleep instead. But as she picked her pillows and stuffed toys from the floor, she saw a man’s head sticking out of the bed. Scared out of her wits, she screams at the top her lungs, alerting her father, Anacleto Flor, Jr.

“Natakot ako kasi akala ko baka may nagmumulto. Napansin ko yung mga unan ko at stuffed toys nasa lapag po. Kinuha ko yung unan ko tapos nakita ko may ulo ng lalaki. Tapos yun po tumakbo na po ako nagsisigaw na po ako,” Rose Ann said.

(I was scared that it might be a ghost. But as I picked up my stuffed toys and pillow from the floor, I noticed a man’s head. I ran out of the room and screamed.)

Her dad was then shocked to see a sleeping man under her bed, and was too drunk to wake up. With a machete in hand, he started hacking the man. He was only stopped when barangay officials arrived at their home and apprehended the severely wounded man. He was first brought to the hospital where doctors immediately attended to his wounds.

The man was identified as 35-year-old Paulo Estrada, who has been renting at the family’s compound for 5 years. His reason for hiding underneath the young woman’s bed is still unknown as he was too drunk to talk to, but police found a knife in his possession.

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