Hotel Exposes Girl Who Gave Bad Review Despite Leaving Bloodstains and Used Condoms Everywhere


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Well, this is a rather awkward situation! We often give or read reviews online before heading to a place because feedback is key on what you can expect right? However, when this girl from China gave a poor review to this hotel that she stayed in, she certainly didn’t expect the hotel to reply her with some rather interesting insights. Oops! Looks like her evil plan backfired!

Themed Hotel Savagely Replies Girl Who Gave Bad Review After Leaving Bloodstains and Used Condoms - WORLD OF BUZZ

Illustration purposes only | Source: Chinapress

According to Chinapress, a Weibo user saw the exchange between the hotel and the guest and decided to share this amusing ordeal out. The girl identified as Ho had left a 1-star review to a themed hotel that she had stayed in for one night in August. She said, “The hotel’s elevator was very hot and took a long time to arrive, the bed was dirty and the service was bad. When I gave a bad review, they continuously called me and asked me what was the issue.”

What she didn’t expect was the hotel replying to her bad review, and boy, was it savage!

They said, “Dear Ms Ho, you had booked a night’s stay at our ocean themed room but when you arrived, you brought two other male companions with you. We allowed you to do so even though a room is usually for two people. However, when you checked out and we inspected the room, we discovered bloodstains on the bed and the bedding. In addition, there were several used condoms lying on the bed.” Wow, seems like a rather happening night!

Hotel Savagely Replies Girl Who Gave Bad Review After Leaving Bloodstains and Used Condoms - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Men’s Fitness

“Hence, we had no choice but to charge you 30 yuan (RM19) for cleaning fees as our bedding needs to be hand washed. You refused to pay for the cleaning fees so we were forced to deduct it from the deposit that you had paid earlier. This is probably why you had given us a 1-star review.”

“We also have the practice of asking for feedback from our guests to ensure that their stay is satisfactory and if any guest is dissatisfied, we allow them to ask for a refund. If they complaint that their room was dirty, we would also immediately solve the issue for them.”

Hotel Savagely Replies Girl Who Gave Bad Review After Leaving Bloodstains and Used Condoms - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Lady Clever

“You said that the room’s bed is dirty, yet you must had a rather good time until you left bloodstains and used condoms everywhere. However, if any of our guests don’t like the rooms, we allow a full refund, no questions asked for them.”

Some netizens who saw the status were rather amused and some of them said that the three must had a rather wild night. Meanwhile, another netizen said, “The hotel only charged 30 yuan (RM19) for cleaning fees? They should charge at least 300 yuan (RM191)!”

Of course, what Ho decides to do in private between consenting adults is her business but don’t lah try to bring another business down because of your own actions! Be considerate and take responsibility for any mess you make!

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