Google’s CEO says the company will ‘drop everything’ to fix its appalling burger emoji


Google just released its Pixel 2 and Apple is set to ship the iPhone X in a few days, setting up an intense showdown between two adored tech giants. But it’s not the predictable iOS or Android argument that put social media in a frenzy over the weekend. No, the subject of this Apple vs. Google debate was much more serious: a burger emoji.

Author and media analyst Thomas Baekdal started the debate on Friday with a tweet that revealed how Google and Apple place the ingredients on their digital burgers.

Notice the differences? Google inexcusably puts the cheese underneath the patty and sets the lettuce on top of the tomato. Apple takes a more traditional approach, setting the cheese on top of the patty while using the lettuce as a buffer to keep the bottom bun from getting soggy.

The placement of these ingredients sparked an intense discussion on Twitter, with Baekdal’s tweet reaching more than 4 million users. Most people seemed OK with Apple’s approach, though a few complained about the lettuce sitting under the patty. But no one could stomach Google’s monstrosity.

People became so enraged and disgusted by the thought of a dry bun with caked-on cheese that Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said the company would “drop everything” and address the issue “on Monday” if people can figure out the correct order.

So what is that order? Baekdal says he searched several burger recipes from renowned chefs but discovered that everyone prepares them differently. That leaves it up to Twitter to fix Google’s error. The general consensus is that the cheese needs to melt on the patty and the lettuce should go over the tomato. Google and Apple were both wrong.

A quick look at Emojipedia shows that Microsoft and Facebook are the only ones that know how to construct a cheeseburger.

It wasn’t just Google and Apple that missed the mark. LG forgot the tomato.

lg burger emoji


And Samsung put the cheese on top of the lettuce, defying all culinary logic.

samsung burger emoji


Where do we even start with Mozilla’s abomination?

mozilla burger emoji


We will update this if and when Google releases the revision.

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