Doctor Removes 9 Kidney Stones from 9yo Boy, Suspects Milk Powder is the Cause


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This poor little boy!

Anyone can get kidney stones but it is rather rare for a young child to develop them. However, based on recent reports, a nine-year-old boy, Xiao Fang in Chongqing, China had just underwent operation to remove nine kidney stones that was luckily treated in time. 

Doctor Removes 9 Kidney Stones from 9yo Boy, Suspect Milk Powder is the Cause - WORLD OF BUZZ

Illustration purposes only | Source: Medical News Today

According to Apple Daily, the boy’s father said that he had been complaining of experiencing pain in his side for three months but his father did not take notice. He thought this was normal since his son was very active and growing rapidly.

Xiao Fang’s father finally realised something wasn’t right when the symptoms did not go away and his son’s health deteriorated rapidly as he got thinner and thinner. He quickly took him to the local hospital and after doing an ultrasound, the doctors were shocked to find that both of his kidneys were full of stones of different sizes.

Doctor Removes 9 Kidney Stones from 9yo Boy, Suspect Milk Powder is the Cause - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Apple Daily

In fact, the situation was so bad that doctors said if he had not received timely treatment, his kidneys would have failed. Which means he would have to undergo dialysis for the rest of his life! They had to perform two operations on the suffering boy as he was too young and they successfully removed nine stones from both kidneys.

There were eight kidney stones measuring around 0.6 to 2cm in diameter in his left kidney while they found one big kidney stone with a diameter of 4cm in his right kidney. That’s really large! Apparently, the kidney stones had caused his kidney to swell due to a build-up of urine as the urinary tract was obstructed. OMG, poor thing!

Doctor Removes 9 Kidney Stones from 9yo Boy, Suspect Milk Powder is the Cause - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: AF

Of course, his father was stunned by this discovery and could not understand how his young child managed to get such sickness. Doctors suspect that it could have been caused by the milk powder that Xiao Fang drinks but they said that there could be other contributing factors as well.

The doctor then reminded parents that they should ensure their kids are having a healthy and balanced diet. He said that often, a child who loves to eat meat, sweets and other high calorie snacks would be at higher risk, especially if they did not drink enough water. No, soft drinks and juices are different!

Guess we could all take heed of this advice. If you’re a parent, make sure your little ones drink enough water and always seek for medical advice if you are unsure! Get well soon, Xiao Fang!

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