A Homeless Man Called Her Name. She Was Stunned When She Saw His Face.


Take a minute and think about your first childhood friend.

In our naive youth, most of us probably spent every waking hour hanging out with our best friends. Whether it was building castles in your backyard sandbox or having a Cherry Bomb competition on the park swings, these were moments we never wanted to end. Unfortunately as life goes on, many of our childhood friendships were forced to end. Perhaps your BFF moved away, or maybe you just grew up to have different interests in life. Unfortunately it’s quite possible that you could pass your former friend on the street and might not even recognize them.

That’s exactly what happened to 32-year-old Wanja Mwaura, but the encounter came as a heartbreaking shock. Fortunately for these former BFFs, though, there’s a happy ending.

Mwaura, who lives near Nairobi, Kenya, was headed to the market when a homeless man shouted her name.

When Mwaura first looked at the man’s skeletal face, she didn’t recognize him. But when he introduced himself as Patrick “Hinga” Wanjiru, she realized that she was now face to face with an old friend.

Mwaura and Hinga had first met when they attended the same primary school. Hinga was known for his skills on the soccer field, earning him the nickname “Pele,” but soon after school the two grew distant.

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