He Was Walking Near A Mineshaft When He Heard Barking. Then He Saw A Dog.


Old and abandoned mines pose a seriously dangerous risk to anyone who doesn’t keep a safe distance.

One wrong step can send a person or animal plummeting down into empty shafts, trapping and most likely injuring them as well. That’s why officials work to seal up hazardous mines, but unfortunately for one stranded pup, one mine shaft in Colorado was still open when she wandered too close.

A couple of weeks ago, Preston Gladd was hiking near Beaver Creek in Park County when he heard growling or whining coming from the small entrance of an old mine. He didn’t investigate, assuming they were the sounds of a wild animal. But those noises stuck with him for the following week, so he decided to return to the spot on October 18, where he heard barking and realized there was a dog trapped inside.

Gladd rushed home and asked his girlfriend, Portia Scovern, and his climbing buddy, Gannon, to help him free the scared, malnourished pup.

The dog, whose name they later learned was Cheyenne, is believed to have been stuck in there for a little over a week.

Using their climbing equipment, they rappelled about 20 feet down into the shaft, where Cheyenne was waiting, tail wagging. Miraculously, she didn’t seem to have any injuries. She was more hungry and thirsty than anything.

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