DJ Khaled Gives One-Year-Old Son A $100k Watch He Can’t Wear


When you’re the son of one of the biggest names in music it’s only natural you get some of the best things in life a bit early. In the case of DJ Khaled’s son, Asahd, you might get a few things 15 years too early.

As a gift for his first birthday, proud poppy Khaled bought his baby boy a diamond-studded watch worth well over $100,000.00. While we’re all sure the kid will enjoy the shiny metal and sparkly rocks, he won’t be able to wear it for a while since it was made in adult size.


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DJ Khaled’s wife, Nicole Tuck, commissioned the watch from Haute Living, a luxury lifestyle media company that not only publishes magazines for the rich and famous but also plans birthday parties for their kids. Haute Living planned and organized the party while also providing the birthday gift, and Khaled dropped another six figures for their services.


The watch has more than 600 diamonds covering its face with a total combined weight of 11.65 karats. It’s a Franck Muller model is rose gold (although the normal model doesn’t come with a face full of diamonds) and has Asahd’s name and birthday engraved on the back.

But it is adult sized only, as Franck Muller doesn’t make kids watches, so little Asahd has some growing to do before he can start showing off his bling.

Birthday Party

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By all accounts, Asahd’s birthday party was pretty hopping for a toddler. P. Diddy was among the attendees and helped Khaled officiate the proceedings. He even performed at the party much to everyone’s surprise. No word yet on whether or not Asahd understood any of the lyrics.

The party took place at LIV nightclub at Fountainebleu in Miami. The whole place was decked out in a jungle theme (which seems to be popular with the celebs lately) and lasted about five hours. Afterward, the party reconvened at Komodo Restaurant for an after party dinner where we’re sure Asahd was offered adult-sized drinks he won’t be legally able to consume for another 20 years.

Mom and Dad sure know how to throw a party.



via TMZ

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