10 Infamous Celebrity Mugshots They Want You To Forget


Celebrities are just like normal people, the only difference is they’re under a microscope. So when they get arrested, everyone knows. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite celebrity mugshots that you won’t be able to erase from your memory.

10. Old School Busts

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What do David Bowie, Elvis, Prince, Jim Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger, Steve McQueen, and Jane Fonda have in common? They have all been arrested of course.

David Bowie got arrested for marijuana possession, which is not even a crime in many places now. When Elvis was a young man, he got into a fight and was charged with assault. Prince got arrested for stealing a megaphone from an airplane. Jim Morrison was arrested for exposing himself to a concert audience in Miami. Frank Sinatra was arrested for consorting with a married woman, which was a crime back in those days. Mick Jagger was arrested for drug possession and served three months in jail. Steve McQueen was arrested for drunk driving. Jane Fonda got taken into custody for participating in a Vietnam War protest rally.


9. Mugshot Poster Child – Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan has been arrested and gone to rehab so many times, she now needs to go to a special rehab for those addicted to going into rehab. Her career and her life went down the toilet due to abuse of drugs and alcohol.


8. It Was Prescription Drugs – Tiger Woods

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Police found Tiger Woods in his car parked on the side of the road with his head slumped over the steering wheel. They arrested him for being intoxicated, even though he was not driving the vehicle at the time, just sitting in it. When they took him to the police station, he got belligerent and denied having anything to drink. When his blood was tested, this turned out to be true. Instead, he was having an adverse reaction to prescription medications that made him very drowsy, which is why he pulled over and stopped the car when he started to feel sleepy.


7. Robert Downey

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For a while, Robert Downey and Lindsay Lohan seem to be trying to upstage each other in how messed up that they can get.  When a judge asked Downey why he kept getting arrested over and over, he told the judge that he was like a guy with a shotgun barrel in his mouth, who likes the taste of the metal. Luckily for Downey, he seems to have gotten better control over himself now and his acting talents are still in demand.


6. DUI Buddies- Justin Beiber, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson

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Justin Bieber got arrested for resisting arrest, driving under the influence, and not having a driver’s license. He was drunk and drag racing at the same time.

Paris Hilton got a DUI and was charged with possession of cocaine. She continued to drive on a suspended license, which eventually ended up with her having to go to jail.

Mel Gibson was pulled over by the cops in Malibu, California. He was arrested for drunk driving and went into his now infamous antisemitic tirade towards the police officer.

5. Russell Brand

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Russell Brand got upset when he was on the streets of New Orleans when a paparazzi was taking his photograph using a mobile phone. He took the phone away from that person and threw it at a window breaking the glass. He paid a $500 fine and had to do 20 hours of community service. There is something very funny about Russell Brand wearing an orange jumpsuit and sweeping up trash in the streets.

4. What Happened to This Guy? – Nick Nolte

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Ten years before this mugshot, People magazine called Nick Nolte the sexiest man alive. We only show this photo because his deterioration was so severe. It is really unbelievable that Nick Nolte became a Gary Busey lookalike.

3. Woody Harrelson

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We love this guy! His arrest record is outstanding. This mugshot was taken during 1982 when he was charged with disorderly conduct for dancing in the middle of the street and then running away, making the police chase him. He was arrested in Kentucky for planting marijuana seeds as a protest act because the state would not recognize that there is a difference between industrial hemp and marijuana. During 2002 in London, he was involved in a police chase while he was the passenger in a taxi. The incident became the inspiration for his film Lost in London.


2. Ooops! They did what?- Hugh Grant, Michelle Rodriguez, Jay Z

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Hugh Grant got famous for doing lighthearted romantic comedy and being a bit of a sap. He was in Los Angeles promoting his film Nine Months when he was arrested for receiving oral sex in public by a Hollywood prostitute in his car while parked on the street. His fans did not expect him to have that kind of street cred, and they appreciated him even more after his arrest.

Michelle Rodriguez, who used to be a star in Lost, completely lost it in real life. She got drunk driving convictions, a hit and run conviction, and then violated her probation and lied to the court about completing her community service. The judge was not amused and gave her six months in jail.

Before he was the highest paid music producer in the business, with a net worth now close to $1 billion along with his wife Beyonce, Jay Z used to be a thug when he first started out as a rapper. He was arrested for knifing a record producer named Lance Riviera at the Kit Kat Klub, which is a super club in Manhattan.

1. Is That A Mugshot Or From A Fashion Shoot? – Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian was arrested for driving under the influence during 2007 and the judge sentenced her to some jail time. When Khloe Kardashian had to report to the jail, they filmed the trip to drop her off at the facility, with Kim Kardashian along for the ride, to be aired as part of the television show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. They also recreated the DUI arrest for the show. Can you tell which is her real mug shot? It is the little photo on the right side. If you have to go to jail, you might as well go in style.

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