Watch Katy Perry Crash A Wedding


Nobody likes a wedding crasher. Some random dude (or dudette) who shows up and takes advantage of the open bar and bad music is not exactly a savory individual we’d all want to get to know. There’s even a whole movie made around this concept, starring sleazy Vince Vaughan and a slightly less sleazy Owen Wilson as the freeloading male couple that nobody wants to attend.

But there are always exceptions to the rule, a fact that Katy Perry might have taken full advantage of last Saturday.

Perry was in St. Louis for a show she was set to perform at on Sunday and staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. Blonie Dudney and Hayley Rosenblum just so happened to also be celebrating their nuptials at the same hotel, so when Perry and crew caught wind of a wedding reception it was a foregone conclusion that she’d bring the house down in true Perry style.


To be fair to Perry, she did ask for the bride and groom’s permission before she started mixing it up with the locals (along with her 30 some-odd touring crew), but once she got on the dance floor it was all Perry time.

Katy Perry crashed our friends wedding reception last night. #nobigdeal

Posted by Amy Prada on Sunday, October 22, 2017

After a round of selfies and a few minutes tearing up the linoleum, Perry mostly spent her time glad-handing the newlyweds. She also didn’t overstay her welcome, only spending about 15 minutes at the reception. Her crew stayed a bit longer, but one can hardly blame them for wanting to snag a few free drinks for the road.


No word on whether the “Teenage Dream” singer kissed the bride, or if she liked it.

Perry now joins in on a long tradition of celebrity wedding crashers. Back in 2014, Beyonce and Jay-Z crashed a wedding in Italy while on vacation, and just last year Tom Hanks took a break from his jog to offer his services as a wedding officiant for a couple in New York. The couple declined the offer since he was a little sweaty, but it’s the thought that counts.

And who could forget the time then President Obama crashed a wedding on a San Diego golf course. We guess when you’re the President you really can do whatever you want.

Obama Crashing


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