Vet Saves Pet Snake That Accidentally Swallowed a Tennis Ball Thinking it was Food


Domesticated animals are at risk of ingesting household items.

Snakes are one of the most dangerous animals on Earth. One bite from the most venomous snake can kill a hundred people while getting ‘strangled’ by their muscular bodies can kill any animal in just a few seconds. But did you know that some domesticated snakes are just as adorable as your pet dog or cat?

Snakes, like any other animal, are taken care by many reptile-loving homeowners. While most people would be scared to have a ‘killer’ at home, snakes can actually be adorable and loving like any other pet. And yes, just like any other pet, snakes are at risk when domesticated. Snakes are not usually kept at home, and there is always a high tendency that they are not familiar with things at home.

This snake mistook a baseball for food and immediately swallowed it. Though the ball was relatively small compared to what a snake can swallow whole, the fact alone that the ball was something the animal’s body couldn’t break down, the ball stuck in its body posed a threat to its life.

Thankfully, a veterinarian was available and attended to the snake. The vet massaged the snake’s body, slowly pushing the ball upward towards the snake’s mouth. The snake was salivating as the ball crawled up its mouth, but was obviously relieved when it was taken out. Watch the amazing footage below:

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