This Is The Cruelty That Goes Into Those Seemingly Cute Sloth Selfies


For tourists who are visiting different countries, attractions involving wildlife sound like a blast to participate in. For the creatures themselves, it’s often traumatizing and cruel.

One such activity that has risen in popularity on Instagram is taking selfies with wild animals from the Amazon rainforest, including caiman, anacondas, and sloths. While it may look harmless enough, what people don’t see is that beyond the cute pictures, these animals are treated more like props than living, feeling beings.

Now “Harry Potter” actress Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the film series, is pleading with people to say no to these selfies after what the animal welfare organization World Animal Protection recently uncovered about sloths. When you see the heartbreaking practices, you’ll agree.

As part of their undercover investigations, the organization recorded illegal loggers coming across a sloth in a tree near the town of Iquitos, Peru. They cut the tree down with the sloth still grasping onto one of the branches, sending it crashing to the ground.

The poor thing was probably injured from the fall, which the men disregarded when they shoved the gentle creature into a sack and tied the end.

This sloth was likely destined to be sold either into the exotic pet trade or the wildlife selfie trade, in which sloths often die within six months of being captured. It’s not surprising when you consider that some are tied to trees with rope and beaten into submission. Most live in cramped, filthy conditions.

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