Marawi Soldier with Severe Head Injury Vows He Will Continue to Fight if the Country Needs Him


Despite severe injuries that could render him disabled in the future, the private vows to fight for the country whenever he is needed.

After the top leaders of Islamic State-inspired extremists Maute group terrorists Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute were confirmed dead, many rejoiced that the Maute Seige is finally over. People were relieved that they can finally return to their homes, though devastated by the war, and reunite with family members and loved ones who survived the war. But there is no war without losses. Lives and homes were lost from both sides of the war.

Though the entire nation is rejoicing, those who survived the war have yet to adjust to the new lives they have. Some lost their homes, while some lost their entire families to the war. And for Marawi soldiers who fought for the lives of many, getting injured while on duty is inevitable.

Private First Class Harry Alcantara was among those who suffered greatly. From the photos shared on Facebook by a netizen, it can be seen that the private from Rizal, Nueva Ecija had severe head injuries that can render him disabled in the future.  His head was covered with a ‘headband’ of staples, after getting injured from a bomb explosion in Marawi City. He had to be operated at Camp Evangelista Station Hospital to remove the shrapnel from his head.

If in the same situation, there are people who would never return to the battlefield again, in fear that they may lose their lives the second time around. But not Harry. Facebook user Emily Padilla asked him, “If our country needs to fight again, will you go?” Without hesitation, Harry said “Yes.”

He was lauded by many netizens for his bravery.

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