Fulfilled Woman Chooses Husband’s Perodua Axia over a Luxurious Bridal Car


Having a luxurious wedding car didn’t matter, as long as they truly loved each other.

Getting married is probably one of the most important occasions in the lives of many, and getting prepared for it means a lot of hard work—and money. Getting married means paying for the food, decorations, the venue, and of course the bridal car. However, this Malaysian believes that the destination is more important, rather than what kind of car you use to get there.

Jenny said: “For my wedding, we used my husband’s Perodua Axia as the wedding car.

“I just don’t want to splurge a few hundred ringgits to rent a luxurious car for a brief moment. I rather use that few hundred ringgits to pay for my husband’s car installment.”

The proud new bride shared pictures of their “simple” car that was even bought through installment. Along with an eye-opening messages for many couples and couples-to-be out there.

Jenny continued saying, “Although our wedding dinner wasn’t a grand one, and it was just a buffet dinner held at a restaurant, we were satisfied and contented with it.”

“That wasn’t an ordinary buffet dinner, because everyone could eat as much as they wanted and even pack some food home after that. “The guests didn’t have to wait for a long time for the dishes to be served, and the food was as good as the ones in banquet dinners.”

Jenny believes that a wedding is just a special even couples spend less than others. What’s important is the family that comes after the wedding. Many netizens praised her for her practical thinking, with some even planning to do the same on their own ceremony. Do you agree with Jenny?

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