This journal is your first step to becoming a morning person


Batman has Robin, Ilana has Abby, and now you can have your own sidekick as well. It’s called the Morning Sidekick Journal and it’s exactly what you need to get you moving every day.

Your new sidekick has you covered on those days you can’t stop hitting snooze. It may look like an ordinary journal, but it’s so much more. It’s designed to motivate you each morning by getting you to spend three minutes journaling when you first wake up. You’ll write your daily goals and focus on bite-sized, actionable content.

You can stay energized from Monday morning until Friday afternoon with the tools and space you need to be your most productive self — just like a real sidekick.

Make your mornings great. Get this Morning Sidekick Journal for $24.99 from the Daily Dot store, reduced from $33.90.

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