Single Mom Builds a $13,000 Home With Her Two Little Sons after Divorcing Her Husband


It may look small on the outside, but the interior is just unbelievable!

27-year-old Charlotte Sapwell was left with nothing and in the streets after divorcing her husband. Life was extra hard when she was left with two boys, a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old. The money she makes isn’t enough to set aside money for a home, leaving her to think of an idea that is definitely noteworthy.

The mother-of-two from Ballarat, Victoria almost had nothing when she and her husband divorced. She was then shocked she would at least need $400,000 to build a home for her and her two sons. Scared that she might not be able to pay for it in the future, she thought of building her home instead—on her grandfather’s backyard.

The pair sourced wood and other materials from Bunnings Warehouse and followed a strict budget of just under $13,000. And after only five months, Charlotte went from a struggling single mother who couldn’t even afford rent, to a woman who owned her own home.

‘It was originally only going to be a short term accommodation, but I am loving it more than I ever thought I could,’ Charlotte said.

‘I actually failed year nine woodwork – but now after I have built my own house you would have no idea.’

Her temporary shelter has now become a loving home.

‘I went from living in a massive home with my husband and kids, to a tiny rented unit to this small space, and out of all the places I’ve lived this is my favourite,’ she said.

‘It is all mine. The kids are right there all the time and we are so close. Yes it means we have virtually zero privacy from each other but I love it.’

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