Woman Posts Message on Facebook: Having a Baby is No Assurance for Relationships to Last


While many think that having a baby between two people is an assurance that it will strengthen the relationship, she says it isn’t always the case.

It is but normal to have arguments between couples. A relationship without any misunderstandings and small fights isn’t a relationship at all. However, it is up to the people involved if they will stand strong and protect their relationship, or give in and allow their love to crumble. This woman finally gave in after allowing her boyfriend to do whatever he wanted in their relationship—even if they have a child together.

They say that men change when a baby comes into their lives, but Facebook user Clarisse Sentorias begs to differ. She believed that saying at first, but she soon gave up when her boyfriend refused to change at all.

According to her, she allowed him to do whatever he wanted, but he abused her generosity. Now, she believes it is time to finally let go and end their relationship for good.

But on her viral Facebook post, her boyfriend left a comment using a friend’s account. He asked her why she had to post their personal problem on Facebook for everybody to see—and judge him in the process. He urged her to act ‘more mature’ and take the post down.

However, Clarisse responded by making the post public. Clarisse later admitted on a comment that she had a boyfriend on June 2016, just in case her boyfriend would soon use that against her.

However, many netizens are hoping against hope that the couple would soon get back together for the sake of their child.

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