Woman Exposes Husband after Discovering He Has been Texting a Prostitute for Her ‘Rates’


She started to get suspicious when her husband would go on a drinking spree with his friends, and only return the next morning.

It is a sad fact that many families are destroyed in today’s society as more and more couples cheat on their partners. While there are those who can go on with their affairs for years without being caught, some are easily caught red-handed by their spouses. This man was unfortunate to be caught red-handed by his wife and was soon exposed.

According to a woman who wishes to remain anonymous, she started to become suspicious when her husband started drinking out late at night with his friends and would come home the next day. The 31-year-old woman then decided to check her husband’s phone and expose him once and for all—especially when they even have three children together. That was when she discovered the short but shocking exchange of messages between her husband and a certain prostitute.

The messages from her husband are as follows:

“Hello, do you have an address?

“How much is it?

“My friend gave me your contact.

“He said you are very good.”

The prostitute replied:

“The type of services we provide and prices are stated clearly on our website.

“I’ll send you the address later.”

The woman then discovered that the prostitute’s den was located at Jurong West Street 81 in Singapore. The prostitute specifically told the man to get off the elevator one floor before her flat so as not to make anyone suspicious of her. She also warned him to rather text her than call her, as not to alert people in her area.

Apparently, the couple have been in terrible arguments for the past months, prompting the husband to hang out with his friends. The woman also claimed that her husband would occasionally hit her. When asked if she wanted to divorce her husband, the woman said she still believes that her husband will change to his old self soon.

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