Pregnant Woman Shames Couple for Sitting on a ‘Reserved Seat’, Receives Ire Instead


Apparently, the pregnant woman was already sitting on another seat, but continued to bombard the couple with insults.

On trains and many PUVs, we see signs for ‘reserved seats’. These seats are meant for disabled, elderly, pregnant women, and women carrying children. However, it is not every time that people falling under these categories are present, and other people find it ‘okay’ to take their seats for the moment.

But a pregnant woman was enraged after seeing a couple sitting on the reserved seats on the train. The woman said to the couple:

“Don’t understand what is Reserved Seating. He understands what pregnancy is, he understands what his mum and baby is, but he doesn’t understand what is the Reserved Seating for.

“This idiot. This last over here. Look at the stupid boyfriend.“

Next, the woman turned her attention to the man’s female companion.

“Pity you lah. So pretty, (still) get this kind of boyfriend.” [sic]

However, one witness claims that the pregnant woman had already sat down across the couple, but continued to verbally attack the couple, who stayed silent throughout the ordeal.

The witness said: “A typical case of a petty Singaporean. She was a pregnant lady with four kids together with her husband, mother, and her helper in the train.

“She already got herself the Reserved Seat right opposite this guy when she recorded this video. So the moment, the couple alighted, her husband took up the reserved seat and she even raised her voice slightly at her helper for not being fast enough to get the seats in the train.

“So what’s her intention of recording this video?”

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