Netizens Enraged at Video Showing Old Woman Sitting at the Edge of a Moving Jeep’s Entrance


It seemed that no one offered their seat to her.

The elderly are often prioritized and attended to first whenever people come across them in public. Old people are particularly respected and attended to in the Philippines, where people are known to be friendly and family-oriented. However, this recent video showing an elderly woman sitting at the edge of a PUJ is saying otherwise.

Many netizens can’t help but express their shock and disappointment towards the other passengers inside the PUJ, who could’ve offered their seats for the old woman. But of course, since it was simply a recorded video by another netizen, we could never really tell the reason behind it.

Hopefully the video’s story does not end there—and somebody at least offered the old woman their seats just in case she wanted to sit comfortably too.

Some netizens also criticized the jeepney driver for letting too many passengers inside the jeep. If the jeepney was already full, he shouldn’t have allowed the old woman on board, especially when she was to sit along the entrance.

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