Man Arrested after Physically Abusing His Children and Recording the Violence on Video


Warning: Videos contain violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Recently, a couple of videos showing a man physically and verbally abusing several children went viral on social media. In the videos, the man can be seen hitting and shouting profanities at the little children, even threatening to kill them at some point. Another video showed a little girl with plastic cords tied around her head as she cried in distress.

Though the reason behind the beatings is yet to be revealed, the fact alone that the man (assumed to be the father) physically and verbally abused them was against the law.

Concerned netizens tracked the children’s location and reported the abuse to the authorities, who immediately responded. And as of 9 a.m. on Oct 23, the children were reportedly rescued, and are now under the protection of Chief of Police Ruel Lumiguid of Station 8, General Santos City PNP.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Yong mga bata na pi-nost natin dahil tinembrehan tayo ni ka DDS Geraldine Paragua Tiu kaninang umaga sa pamamagitan ng video evidence na inaabuso at sinasaktan Ng kanilang Tatay ay na rescue na po. Naki pag coordinate ang ating team partner director na si Pong Alerta sa PNP at mabilis rumisponde si Chief Inspector Ruel Lumiguid station 8 General Santos City. Maraming salamat po Geraldine, Pong Alerta at Chief Inspector Ruel Lumiguid at Team.Humingi na rin si Chief Inspector Lumiguid ng video which we posted earlier as evidence against sa Tatay Ng mga bata. Our original post:

Posted by I am Pinoy, Proud Ako on Sunday, October 22, 2017

It has been revealed on several Facebook posts that the father’s name is Jeff Udasan, who has been arrested for his crimes.

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