Korean Woman Didn’t Realize her Period Was Leaking on a Bus Until This Man Saved Her Day


She made it a point to look for the man and thank him properly—but he only wanted one thing in return.

If you are into Kdramas or romantic movies, you’ve probably seen a damsel in distress and a man ready to save the day. While that kind of scene has always moved many, the possibility of that happening in real life can be quite scarce. What would you do if that one scene happened in your life?

Every woman has definitely experienced a terribly embarrassing time whenever they have their period. Sometimes, women get their period in an unexpected time, and it is true that some women are not ready yet. Fortunately for this woman, a man was ready to save her day.

According to her social media post, the woman wore a mini skirt as she was headed for a photo shoot. Unfortunately, on her way to the said shoot on a bus, her period came and it started leaking. She was panicky and frantic about what to do, but still tried to keep her cool. However, one man noticed her problem, and decided to do something about it.

The man purposely spilled his strawberry milk on her skirt, and offered his own jacket so that she can cover up! “I’m sorry I spilled it. You can take my clothes so tie it around you before you leave,” the man told her while handing over his jacket.

But before she could thank the guy, he was already off the bus and was nowhere to be found. With a thankful heart, she resorted to social media to look for him.

안녕하세요 제가 꼭 찾고싶은 분이 있는데 친구들한테 어떻게 찾지물어보다가 여기에 문의해보라고 하더라고요…그 분을 꼭 찾고 사례해드리고싶어요제가 주기가 정말 불규칙적인데 오늘 사진을 찍으러 가야해서 좀 짧은 치마…

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And thanks to a friend, she was able to!

The man’s friend sent her a photo of their conversation, showing how the man told him about his selfless act on the bus.

Man: Hey, Dong Gun.
Friend: Yeah
Man: It looked like the girl sitting next to me on the bus just got her period, so I opened the strawberry milk I was going to drink after I got off and pretended to spill it on her, then I stuffed some tissues in my pocket and gave it to her. Ha
Friend: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Convinced that he was in fact that man, the woman asked the man’s friend for his contact details.

The woman offered to give the man a new jacket and a nice meal, but the man only wanted one thing in return: a new strawberry milk.

“Don’t worry about the cost of my clothes. If we run into each other again next time, please buy me a strawberry milk.”

— The man on the bus (Kang Sung Hyun)

Their story has since become viral, with netizens even shipping for them to date soon!

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