Young Woman Cuts In Line and Get Attacked with Vegetables by Enraged Woman


The young woman threw money at the old woman, and gets a vegetable beating in return.

If you’ve lived in the world you’ve waited in a line, and at some point in your life—if not many—someone has cut in the line and made you wait longer. There are a variety of line cutters, some with good reasons and others without, but it’s generally infuriating all the same.

A young woman decided to cut in line at a renowned roasted chestnut stall in Guangzhou in China, instead of waiting in line like other customers. While others simply muttered to themselves, on middle-aged woman stepped in and told the young woman to wait in line like others.

But Instead of being ashamed, the young lady, who was carrying a branded bag, retorted: “If you spoil my Hermès bag, can you afford to pay for it?”

The woman, unimpressed, replied: “So just because you have a Hermès bag, you don’t have a sense of shame?”

The angry woman continued chiding her, asking her why she couldn’t queue like everyone else:

“Everyone look at this young lady here.

“She has no manners.

“So many people around here queuing but she doesn’t know how to queue.”

The young lady then reached into her bag and retrieved a pink purse. As she took out a stack of cash from the purse, she told the woman:

“You just want money, right?

“Here, I got a lot.”

The young woman then threw money at the older woman, who got angrier by the young woman’s actions. The middle-aged woman then reached for several vegetables and proceeded to attack the line-cutter.

A few moments after the vegetable bashing, people started to break them up, with the younger woman walking away.

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