Woman’s Hilarious ‘Chinning’ Photos on Social Media are becoming a Worldwide Trend


That is one contagious smile!

Everybody wants to look good in photos, especially on social media where any user is allowed to view them. It even takes some of us to take several ‘trials’ before posting the actual photo we want. However, trying to take a ‘perfect photo’ often spoils the moment of truly enjoying your trip or vacation. This woman however, breaks beauty standards by making hilarious ‘chinning’ poses on her social media pictures.

Meet Michelle Liu, a Boston-based college student who does not care if people would laugh at her photos. Instead of smiling prettily, or trying to look her best in her photos, Michelle bunches up her chin and shoots from a low angle in a type of picture she calls a ‘chinfie’.

Her ‘chinning’ pictures have now caught the attention of the internet, with commenters lauding her for bucking society’s beauty standards and simply having fun. Michelle can be seen posing with friends and strangers around the world, even posing in some of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

Michelle said that growing up, she felt pressure to ‘look a certain way.’ Once she was able to move past some of her insecurities, she embraced ‘looking silly’ and started taking chinning photos.

Michelle said: ‘My chinning entertained my friends all through middle school, high school and college, at which point I decided to share my chin with the world.”

Today, more and more people are posting pictures of their less-sugar-coated pictures, and are sharing pictures showing how much they are enjoying and having fun at the moment.

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