Vicious Couple Gets Back at Landlord by Putting Dead Fish Everywhere to Breed Maggots


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This couple has to be one of the nastiest tenants of all time!

Earlier in May, a landlord in Guangxi, China rented his house to a foreign couple. Both parties came to an agreement that the minimum tenancy period is one year.

For the first five months, everything seemed to be fine but just last month, the couple suddenly told the owner that they wish to move out from the house and demanded the owner to refund their deposit.

Since they had an agreement that the couple obviously breached, the owner decided to hold on to their deposit. The couple was unhappy about this and decided to retaliate. Soon, they moved out but left something behind.

Not long after, the neighbours started complaining about some serious foul odour coming from the unit. Acting on the complaint, the landlord went to check on his house, and guess what he found.

Apparently the couple decided to sabotage the house before moving out. So, they bought some dead fish and placed them in the sink, refrigerator, vase, cupboard, and even on the ceiling!

You don’t need us to tell you what’s gonna happen next right?

Soon, maggots began breeding rapidly and the whole house was covered in a super foul odour! Ewww!

The fridge was full of maggots and he had no choice but to dispose it. Perhaps the saddest part was that he couldn’t find anyone who’s willing to clean the house, as all the cleaners rejected the job.

Source: Oriental Daily 

As for the couple, they were already long gone and nowhere to be found. Netizens were outraged by their horrendous behaviour and urged the owner to lodge a police report.

“Clearly they’ve damaged your property, so you must report to the authorities! Don’t let them get away!” a concerned netizen said.

“Please disclose their particulars so that other landlords can be on the lookout for them!” another Facebook user said.

This couple is definitely a vicious one; let’s hope they’ll receive their karma soon enough.

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