Hysterical Woman Almost Jumps Into 7-meter-deep Waters to Retrieve Her Smartphone


Your life is more important than anything you own.

In our society today, many people’s lives revolve around their smartphones. Some people can’t leave their home without their phones in hand, with others holding on to their phones as they would their dear lives.

Our smartphones carry very valuable information. Our contacts, photos, and even documents we need to keep close to us—everything is practically stored there. However, shelf lives of these gadgets are definitely shorter than ours, and we sometimes need to change our units. But worry not, information can be transferred in so many ways today.

Unfortunately for this woman, her smartphone’s contents will never be retrieved after it fell into deep waters.

The woman was reportedly on a cruise at Yunnan, China’s scenic Erhai Lake, when she accidentally dropped her phone. She then tries to jump overboard to retrieve it, but security and staff stopped her from doing so. The waters were 7 meters deep and her life can be in danger if she insists on jumping in.

As a group of six people struggle to stop her from jumping, she begins to shout and fight people trying to save her. Her attention was totally on the phone that fell into the waters.

According to a report by Shanghaiist, the crew and security tried to retrieve her phone but to no avail.

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