Cops Find 17 Million Dollars Hidden under This Man’s Bed Where He Slept for Months


Too bad he will soon go to jail for it.

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping on a bed of money in your life? We sometimes picture ourselves lying on a pile of money and wish it could really happen in our lives. Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha from Brazil was able to fulfil this wish—but it sent him to jail.

Though lying on a pile of money isn’t exactly a criminal act, the money he hid under his bed was apparently scammed out of millions of people around the world through a pyramiding scam. The US attorney’s office released a photo of the money on Monday following the arrest of the Brazilian national charged with conspiring to launder proceeds from a pyramid scheme.

Rocha was allegedly involved in the pyramid scheme by TelexFree, a Massachusetts-based company claiming to provide Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone services. TelexFree’s co-founder, Carlos Wanzeler, allegedly fled to his native Brazil in April 2014, where he remains a fugitive. Another co-founder, James Merrill, pleaded guilty to charges of operating TelexFree as a pyramid scheme last October and is awaiting sentencing.

Though they were able to recover $17 million from Rocha’s home, authorities alleged that it was actually a $1 billion pyramid scheme operating between January 2012 and March 2014.


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