Deaf Baby Hears Her Mother Say ‘I Love You’ For the First Time and Her Reaction Touches the Internet


Her reaction is simply priceless.

People who are born deaf can only imagine how things and people sound like. Their memories are heavily visual and olfactory. They ‘imagine’ how a word sounds like by looking at how a person’s lips are moving. But how would they feel if they could hear a person’s voice after years of hearing nothing at all? This baby was lucky to finally hear her mother’s voice after just a few weeks of being born deaf.

Charly’s parents were confused when she refused to respond to sounds and her parents’ voices. This prompted the couple to take her to the doctor, who later told them that Charly was in fact suffering from a hearing impediment.

Though Charly’s parents were heartbroken at first, the doctor assured them that there was a way for Charly to hear them—hearing aids.

As soon as the hearing aid was fit into her ears and her mom starts speaking, Charly responds with silent awe. She was tearing up with every word she hears as she looks up to her mom in beautiful eyes.

As the video went viral, reaching millions of views in just a matter of days. Netizens around the world are tearing up as they watch little Charly finally hear her mother say “I love you.”

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