Woman Proves that Break-ups Are Less Heart-breaking When You’ve Got Real Friends Who Back You Up


Real friends show up when you are at your most difficult time in life.

Thousands of couples break up every day. Causes may range from cheating to simply having no love left for the other person at all. Being a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend has no assurance that your other half will never leave you or cheat on you.

Let’s face it: breaking up can be one of the most difficult, heart-wrenching things you’ll ever have to do. One of the things that keeps people from moving on after a relationship has ended is holding on to false hope. Some people are also stuck in limbo with the idea that there might be a chance of getting back together with their exes.

But for this woman, having a clean break-up or a messy one didn’t matter, as long as she had friends to back her up at her most difficult time in life. An epic breakup isn’t easy for anyone involved—and that includes your friends, looking in from the outside, trying to cushion the fall. Nevertheless, true friends stay loyal and help you through a depressing time in your life.

Her heartbreak was a depressing time in her life, especially when she loved her ex so much. Knowing she would be in a great deal of emotional pain, some unexpected people turned out to save the day. Read her entire post here:

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