Man Fakes Allergic Reaction To Propose To His ER Nurse Girlfriend


After taking care of so many patients in critical condition, Emergency room doctors and nurses know that life can change in an instant. But one New Jersey nurse had no idea that her life that would be changing when her next patient rolled through the doors of the ER.

During her shift at the Monmouth Medical Center, nurse Lauren Trulli got the terrifying news that the next patient that had been rushed over in an ambulance was her own boyfriend, Tom Ciancia, who has a severe allergy to peanuts. Thinking he was having a deadly reaction, she rushed over to his side.

Photo by Inside Edition

However, once Ciancia was wheeled inside, he pretended to fall off the stretcher and then got down on one knee with a ring in his hand to propose to Trulli in front of all her co-workers, who helped organize the proposal. “This was the best way to surprise you,” he told Trulli, who was in shock by the surprise.

Photo by Inside Edition

“Tom, Oh my God!” Trulli said before saying yes. “I was so nervous. Imagine if she said no in front of all of our co-workers,” Ciancia said after. “This was the proposal of the year,” Trulli added. “He out-did himself.”

Photo by Inside Edition

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible moment this nurse realizes the real reason her boyfriend is in the ER.

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