Dedicated Young Man Earns Praise after Waiting Hours for His Lover Who Never Showed Up


Now that’s dedication!

Waiting for the right person can be hard for most of us. We sometimes feel that time is running out and that we should make the best of it. But if there is something more difficult than that, it’s probably waiting for your loved one, even after finally meeting him/her in this lifetime.

Facebook user Igue Bonifacio spotted a forlorn young man obviously waiting for his loved one at a Petron station in Katipunan (Philippines). According to a report by Rachfeed, the young man held a bouquet of flowers, which were probably meant for his girlfriend.

However, Igue noticed that the man had been waiting for hours, but the person he was supposed to meet was nowhere in sight. The netizen also noticed that the young man would occasionally call someone over the phone (presumably his girlfriend), and would later kick or punch the nearby pillar.

Though he was obviously frustrated and anxious, he continued to wait for ‘her’. He waited so long, that igue gave up on waiting for the young man to either give up or simply leave. It wasn’t clear if they soon met up after Igue left the scene, but his determination to wait for that person has gained him praises on the internet.

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