Chinese Man Threatens Female Companion with His Life by Standing on Train Tracks after an Argument


It was first thought that the two were father-daughter, wherein the daughter asked his father to commit suicide—but it wasn’t the case.

In a viral video posted on Facebook, a woman can be seen shouting at an old man who stood in the middle of the train tracks. The video, which is believed to have been filmed in China, the old man stood still while the woman stopped anybody who tried to save him.

When people tried to interfere, the woman can be heard saying, “This is my family problems!! You can’t interfere other people’s family problem!!”

Netizens first believed that the video was of a father and a daughter. The daughter was said to have ‘asked’ her father to commit suicide so she can claim his insurance money. However, after the video was translated by some native Chinese speakers, it was made clear that the woman was either the old man’s lover or friend.

Based on several translations on Facebook, the couple got into a quarrel which led to the man threatening the woman with his life—thus jumping into the train tracks. To make the man regret his actions, the woman stopped anyone who tried to stop him.

At one point in the video, a man helped the old man up onto the platform, but the woman kicks the latter and insists that he take his own life. The woman then showed bystanders her arm, which was obviously injured, and told them that the man was ‘dangerous’.

The woman was soon apprehended by the subway’s security and police, whom she threatened to sue for kidnapping.



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