Beautiful Woman Defends Her ‘Socially Unacceptable’ Boyfriend by Sharing Their Sweet Photos


For her, he is the most handsome man in the world.

In today’s society, people who dubbed beautiful have fair skin, perfect teeth, and a perfect body to boost. People with darker skin and people with ‘more curves’ are often ostracized and considered to be ‘ugly’. With this at hand, more and more people strive to be skinnier and opt for skin whitening products.

However, woman named Linh My Nguyen wanted to stop the stereotyping and shared photos of herself together with her bf. Her fans and followers were shocked and enraged upon seeing her ‘underserving’ lover.

According to netizens, she ‘lowered’ herself by having a boyfriend like him, and that she deserves better than that.

But her reaction to their rage and insults was rather surprising for some. She immediately defended her boyfriend, claiming he is the best there is. Her boyfriend wasn’t exactly good-looking, but she claims she loves him all the more. She didn’t care about what others said, because he was the most handsome man for her.

She accepted all the hate and bashing she received, and continued to fight for the love of her life. that’s true love right there!

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