Baby Gets Eaten Alive by Ants after Parents Throw Her into Trash Bin Because She Wasn’t a Boy



After finding out her gender, the parents immediately dispose of her.

With abortion being illegal in many countries, babies are tragically thrown away to die after their mothers give birth to them. Sadly, not many of these babies survive after being thrown away. However, this miracle baby was able to survive even after being eaten alive by ants inside a trash bin.

A newborn baby girl has been rescued from a bin where she was found dumped in a plastic bag, covered in ants. Police in Bhopal in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh reported that the baby was thrown away because she wasn’t a boy.

According to reports, the baby’s faint cries were heard by a passerby, who decided to check what it was. She later found a baby covered in ants, and was extremely underweight—but she was still breathing.

Dheeraj Rathore, who runs a tea stall, heard the baby cry in the early hours of Saturday.

Dheeraj said: ‘I was passing through the bin when I heard the cries of a baby.

‘I was was shocked to see an infant’s head sticking out of a red polybag in a garbage vat among the bushes.

‘Ants were all over her head and body.

Rathore called for help from two friends, and together they and his two friends cleared the insects from the infant’s body, wrapped her in a cloth and took her to a nearby hospital.

When she was brought to the hospital, she also has several bruises and marks on her body which could indicate physical abuse.

Police have registered a case and are looking for the parents.

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