Miracle in Cell No. 7’s Star Kal So Won Grew up into a Beautiful Young Lady and Here She Is Now!


The adorable little girl has grown into a young lady and she has been in love too!

Korean culture has influenced many people around the world especially in the past years. Many youngsters are into Korean Pop Music and Korean Dramas, while other people enjoy Korean food. as a matter of fact, many Korean restaurants have been successful in many parts of Asia because of their to-die-for food.

Korean Dramas have specifically influenced many viewers. One movie that served as the ‘kick-start’ for many K-drama addicts would be “Miracle in Cell No. 7”.

“Miracle in Cell No. 7” is a 2013 South Korean comedy and family melodrama film about the love between a mentally-ill father and his lovingly adorable daughter. The father was framed of murder and rape, and had to stay in prison on death row. The movie will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions—it will make you laugh, cry, and love all the characters. One of the characters that many viewers love is Kal So Won, the adorable daughter of the imprisoned man.

The adorable daughter was portrayed by child actress Kal So Won. The young actress has caught the attention of the public with her unbelievable acting—but where is she now? In 2016, in a broadcast of MBC’s ‘Section TV’, Kal So Won told interviewers about a variety of topics from what her favorite acting roles were,her hobbies, what her biggest worries are, and even romance!

If you haven’t watched the movie, it is time to do so!

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