Little Girl Refuses Treatment to Save her Younger Sister Suffering from the Same Disease Instead


They are both suffering, but she wanted her younger sister to be treated first.

They say that sisters are the best friends you could ever have. This little girl loves her younger sister so much, that she was willing to put off treatment for her disease, so that her younger sister who was suffering from the same disease could be treated first.

Both children suffer from Idiopathic juvenile osteoporosis. Most of the time, there are no underlying causes for juvenile osteoporosis. A child with this condition tends to have symptoms such as pain in the lower back, hips and feet, often accompanied by difficulty walking, and spinal deformities.

According to the children’s parents, they have already found compatible bone marrow donors for the two girls. Unfortunately, the surgery costs a lot. The doctors told them that surgery for only one child would cost 500,000 yuan (P3,826,962).

7-year-old Wang Yue was diagnosed with osteoporosis at a very young age. Her bones were undeveloped and fragile, meaning a minor accident could result in severe injury or death. Her body was deteriorating rapidly, and she needed treatment—fast.

But for Wang Yue, what matters most is the life of her younger 1-year-old sibling who was suffering from the same disease. Wang Yue refused to undergo treatment and only drinks seven bowls of traditional Chinese medicine every day instead.

The selfless little girl insists that the money raised should be used on her sister first.

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